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 Leda – Rock and Read #30 Interview Translation (part 2)

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PostSubyek: Leda – Rock and Read #30 Interview Translation (part 2)   Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:07 pm

A Guitarist’s Triumphial Return (Part 2)

R & R: That decision was made really early on. Probably you felt the desire to go to the capital ever since you graduated from middle school?

Leda: It seems like I was always associated with something to do with music.

I transferred school to search for band members and went to a school far from my house because I took up a fixed term bond. When I went to Tokyo, all I had with me was nothing but my guitar and a whole lot of interest. It was like I went to Tokyo in a hurry as I had about 9000 yen with me at that time (laughs).

In the beginning, I stayed in the house of an acquaintance of an acquaintance. But I didn’t mean that the person I lived with supported me, so it was the case that my money really completely disappeared.

I really didn’t know what I could do at that time in the capital, so one of the things I did was to dye my hair blond (laughs). I also went about finding a band but that was a reasonably hard process.

R & R: There were really no fellow musicians in Tokyo?

Leda: It did really seem so then. However, I soon developed connections with the people at the Ovation event and 8wari12. Those were good things I could begin to draw upon (laughs).

R & R: Leda-kun, you do remember clearly what happened at the time you first arrived at the capital!

Leda: I was lively then…I felt like I was a total teenager (laughs). I was filled with the spirit of “I must do this!”. That was what I remembered (laughs).

Probably, I was overflowing with vitality then.

In Nagoya, I felt really normal but I carried a different spirit in Tokyo, probably because I was filled with a sense of hope.

R & R: That’s interesting, so was your impression (of Tokyo) ever changed?

Leda: In reality, I didn’t think that going to the capital was going to be all fun and my focus was always on the aspect of music. That was something that I couldn’t forget.

I guess you could say that there are things in life that one is intimately related to. Even before I started playing the guitar, music was a constant focus in my life but at that time, I felt like it was something which I liked but didn’t give much thought to. After that time, my passion changed and I began to consider the intricacies of the music I listened to. I guess that was when I decided that I would pursue music as a career.

(I was so into music) that one of my sources of inspiration was good musical works from the movies. Even though I had fun with my friends, I felt that I completely could not do without practicing. So in that sort of way, I always had that hot-blooded fervor for music.

R & R: It probably seems such a mystery, how you can be so into practicing music isn’t it?

Leda: Hmm I wonder why too… Even if there was something else (that I liked) apart from music, it probably wouldn’t be tangible enough for me to sense it. At the start, I had such a feeling that I used music as a form of personal expression. I would say that at that time, I had a simple motive which I thought was quite cool… Probably there were ups and downs with regards to that motive though.

R & R: How did you start using music as a form of your own self expression?

Leda: Music was a form of my own self-expression at a very early stage. Although it brought me a sense of satisfaction, I wanted to start work on an original song within a year of learning the guitar. Naturally, I had the feeling that I wanted to be on stage and I had the general idea that I could also make a living doing music.

That’s probably why I never wanted to do what you would call a ‘normal job’.

But there’s always a time where one has to select a career. And you could argue, for example, if you were to be an architect (as compared to a musician); besides having a more stable income, you’re able to express yourself in that job too I guess. However, I never was really tempted by what you would term “conventional occupations” so to speak.

Although my mum worked as a nurse, it was around middle school that I suddenly picked up studying for the aim of obtaining some formal qualifications. That sort of feeling of trying to close in on a goal is good.

My parents told me that if I became a musician, perhaps I’ll lose the ability to make a livelihood. But, I became a musician anyway.

Among other things, there are differences and similarities in people which I believe one has to consider in order to even come up with a rough judgment of that person. I could say some people are born to be attracted to certain things. Therefore, I don’t really have a reason (as to why I am so attracted to a music career).

R & R: I see. On the topic of going to the capital (Tokyo), it didn’t mean that everything was immediately smooth sailing when you decided to pursue a career as a musician?

Leda: Yes, my path was half smoking, half burning13.

At first, life didn’t go much according to plan as I found it hard to set up a band. But somewhere in that process, Deluhi’s predecessor band, Grave Seed was formed.

Back at Nagoya, I got to know a vocalist and Yuu and Yo from Mantenrou Opera. I guess I’ll jump right into it. From there, I met Juri who was pursuing various projects simultaneously. Originally Juri was a guitarist but his singing was really good so I asked him to try doing vocals.

After that, we got to form a band together but we wondered, with the exception of both of us, how many times we had to undergo member changes…

At such a time, I was invited to join Galneryus.

R & R: Consequently, you were bassist for Galneryus, the band you really liked, but that meant entering in the rhythm section isn’t it?

Leda: But, it was completely not easy at first. In the midst of skilled musicians, I had to up my game but I virtually received thorough training there. It was like learning everything all over again. It seemed like I was the only amateur in the midst of all the natural pros (laughs).

R & R: So as a result, while you were with Galneryus, I guess you watched what they did with a discerning eye especially during lives? After all the skill-sharing you have received in those days, you must have a genius sense of staging14.

Leda: I am glad I learnt more about those skills (laughs). I was really conscious about staging. Somehow, I felt the immediate want to catch up with the other members on the aspect of instrument playing so I didn’t pay much attention to staging then, which I thought was not as interesting (as technical play). In the midst of those skilled musicians, I guess I could mainly think of how I ought to stand relative to them.

But I grew considerably in Galneryus. That’s a thought I still maintain.

The 2 years I spent in Galneryus was really one where I learnt a whole lot. I entered as a person completely new to the scene but emerged quite professional after that. Galneryus provided me with the kind of environment I had wanted since I was about 14 years old. I was also able to try and gain a huge amount of direct exposure in the aspect of songwriting.

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Leda – Rock and Read #30 Interview Translation (part 2)
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